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hello, yuletide writer! first of all, I'd like to say a massive thank you for whatever you end up writing for me! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

please click here if you prefer to read this in a light version. also, all links, except for the previous one, open in a new tab.

the following is a general overview of things I like, and things I'd really rather not read.

always a yes:

  • episode re-writes/ pov switch of canon events

  • missing scenes

  • future fics

  • gen fics

  • character studies

  • world-building

  • road trips

  • five things fics

  • secret relationships

  • noticeable height differences

  • resolved pining

  • dark fics

  • unreliable narrators

  • time-loops

  • non-linear story telling

  • aus

    • canon-divergent

    • zombies

    • post-apocalyptic

    • dystopian

    • steampunk

    • historical

    • college

    • space

    • western

    • magical

    • noir

    • cyberpunk

    • dieselpunk

please don't include:

  • mpreg

  • dub/non-con

  • pwp or explicit sex

  • excessive character bashing

  • terminal illness

  • infidelity

  • romanticized or explicitly abusive relationships

& now, for fandom-specific suggestions!

청춘시대 | age of youth
where to watch: available online through searches, but here are re-caps from dramabeans.
no. of episodes: 12

requested character(s):

  • Kang Yi Na

  • Song Ji Won


  • kang yi na/jung ye eun

  • kang yi na/yoon jin myung

  • song ji won/jung ye eun

  • song ji won/im sung min

¬ KANG YI NA // I honestly love how Yina is willing to defend and literally fight for her friends, even though we see that she isn't very willing to fight (physically) for herself. she seems to enjoy putting herself into dangerous situations.
            she's the first to move into Belle Epoque after Jinmyung. what was their time together like? how long did they spend alone before the other ladies joined them? how did Yi Na even get into her original job? what was she like before the fire and Sol's death? what are the chances that she cut her hair herself, and that's the reason she's so proud of it and no one mentions how it looks?

¬ SONG JI WON // she really can see ghosts! or at least, she can hear them. I refuse to believe otherwise. even though her lie helped the Ladies of Belle Epoque grow, develop, and move on from the things that were holding them back, I feel like her character didn't really grow throughout the series; everyone else seemed to gain some sort of character development, but Jiwon didn't. in fact, we learn that she's been lying since she was a child, small lies spiraling into something that she can no longer control.
            I'd honestly just love anything more about Jiwon: how she seems to be everyone's friend, but all alone at the same time; what was her first meeting with any of the ladies of Belle Epoque or Sungmin like? what drove her to lying in the first place? she seems to have really caring parents who send her care-baskets and make sure she's eating. in fact, hers are the only parents we see taking an active part in actually looking after their child.

band of brothers
where to watch: available online through searches.
no. of episodes: 10

requested character(s):

  • Babe Heffron

  • Eugene Roe

  • Lewis Nixon

  • Richard Winters


  • any/no preference

¬ ALL/ANY // groundhog day! a time-loop fic where someone(s) has to repeat a day or period of the war until they figure out what they need to do to move on. e.g. Nixon in 'Why We Fight' (109) or Roe in 'Bastogne' (106).
            something pre-canon: what were they up to after they signed-up to join the war, before training? or them meeting again a few years after the war (before the reunions start). something about the men dealing with returning to civilian life.

where to watch: available on syfy (us).
no. of episodes: 20

requested character(s):

  • Clara (Killjoys)

  • Delle Seyah Kendry

  • Fancy Lee


  • delle seyah kendry/dutch

  • delle seyah kendry/pawter simms

  • fancy lee/johnny jaqobis

¬ CLARA // what has Clara been up to since we last saw her in 'Dutch and the Real Girl' (201)? has she been in regular contact with Lucy? does she keep in contact with the other ships that she's aided?
            the adventures of Clara & Johnny! at the end of season 2, Johnny had tickets to 8/10 different places, all under different ids. what are those places like? are they all outside the Quad? what kind of things do Johnny and Clara get up to? if you've ever seen the Doctor Who episode, 'Midnight', you can write something similar, with Johnny just chilling and Clara exploring. or have both of them exploring and getting up to their own little things, but being like, "oh, nothing much," when asked what they've been up to all day.

¬ DELLE SEYAH KENDRY // as much as I ship Delle Seyah and Dutch, I really want something that focuses on Delle Seyah as an individual. how and when did she meet Khlyen? what is it exactly that he promised her that she would go to such lengths to enslave a whole planet? does she really think she's that much better and deserving than the people of Old Town? maybe her family always tells the story of how the Hollen will come back one day, to empower those who deserve it, (& of course, the 9, especially them, are one of the deserving.)
            I'm also curious as to what Delle Seyah was like in school. fair enough, Pawter didn't like her, but you have to admit that Delle Seyah is powerful and charismatic, so there were bound to be a lot of people that liked her when she was younger and like and fear her now. maybe people have always been slightly afraid of her, and that's where she gets her power from? maybe her and Pawter are exes and it ended badly? if you want to talk about Pawter's struggle with leaving her family and moving off Qresh, and how Delle Seyah helped her, by all means do. because as ambitious as Delle Seyah is, she still helped those who could be of use to her one day, and I think she knew Pawter could be an excellent person to have away from the 9 one day. hell, I wouldn't put it past her if she got Pawter into Jakk because Pawter was to stubborn to just leave on her own.

¬ FANCY LEE // I've shipped Johnny and Fancy from the get-go, so if you want to pair them up, then by all means do! I feel like 210, 'How to Kill Friends and Influence People', where he and D'avin are fighting the guards at the archive could easily be read as ex-boyfriend of younger sibling trying to bound with older sibling. like, Fancy gets a second chance with Johnny, or is hoping for one, and needs D'avin's help with how to woo Johnny back. but if you don't ship them, that's fine, because I just really love Fancy.
            a character study on how he became the designated asshole for the Killjoy collective, or what made him want to be a Killjoy. or the adventures he got up to with Khylen while they were running away from the Black Root. how does the death of Khlyen affect him? they did spend quite awhile together. how does Fancy adjust to helping and working alongside Dutch and D'avin. does he help them look for Johnny? does Lucy trust him when he starts living on the ship, or does she do little things like turn the hot water off when he's showering, or burning his coffee, or locking him in rooms for random periods of time, so that Fancy starts walking around the ship with a mini survival bag.

les revenants | the returned
where to watch: available on netflix.
no. of episodes: 16

requested character(s):

  • Julie Meyer

  • Victor Lewanski


  • julie meyer/laure valère

¬ VICTOR & JULIE MEYER // I love how creepy and powerful Victor is this time around. it's like the first time he came back he forgot who he was, which made him vunerable and ended in him and his family dying.
            there is a five year between when we first see Victor and when Julie sees him. what was he up to during that time? was he out searching for Julie/The Blue Fairy the whole time? was he going back and forth between this world and wherever the Horde came from? how and when did he die originally? was there a particular person he was trying to bring back that caused the Revenants to come back five years later?
            maybe you could play around with the theory that Victor is a nain rouge? or that Julie really is the Blue Fairy that Victor's mother told him about?
            Julie is so incredibly strong and brave and caring and an amazing mum. what was it like for Julie dealing with the aftermath of her attack alone? tell me more about her time with Victor and the Horde. or even about her new life — if it can be considered that — with Ophélie and Victor, away from the village.

I'm pretty easy to please, so if you have another idea you'd like to explore, please feel free to! I don't have any preference regarding the character(s) you choose to focus on, and it's not necessary to include all the requested characters in whatever you write. it'd be hard for you to go wrong with whatever you create.

whatever you decide to create, I hope you have fun making it!
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